More updates...

Here's more of my progress in the past week:

The whole hallway has been painted. I about "code browned" my pants painting the high part of the hallway. I noted how the drywall guy set up the ladder to get to the high spots & then copied him (ladder leaned up against wall, wedged against stair). He's got bigger balls than I do, though. That was seriously the scariest part of the whole remodel for me. No, the hall is not getting a second coat.

The upstairs master bedroom had been painted navy blue. The second pic shows it after priming, and the third with the new Wedgewood Grey color. The ceiling is Edgecomb Gray - suggested by one of Mom's decorator books for lower ceilings. All my color names are Ben Moore, but the paint is actually Behr from Home Depot - the flat enamel is $17 a gallon compared to $40-something for Ben Moore. And it looks really good/goes on nicely.

My project for this week is stripping and sanding the trim in the kitchen and living room. I'm hoping I can do all the trim sanding in the next couple weeks. Once everything is at least sanded (but not necessarily painted) I can get the ducts cleaned and feel pretty good about moving my things in. I have no idea when the ducts were last cleaned, but they were icky dirty when I moved in - and I've only added to it with the plaster and drywall dust. So the two things that will get done just before moving in will be cleaning the ducts & upstairs carpet.

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Jennifer said...

We do the same thing - get Behr paint mixed in BM colors. In fact, we saw a gorgeous slate blue on TV that I absolutely loved for our DR. I looked up the show's info, found out it was a BM color and had the paint mixed at Home Depot. It turned out exactly as I had hoped