Catching Up...

I fell into a deep, dark hole of painting...and painting...and painting!

Here are a couple of things to catch up.
Dad & Brad put up a fence along the back of my yard - its really nice & Abby is so happy to have a yard to romp around in. I'll have to take an updated picture because those bushes spilling over the top are 100 year old lilacs that are now in full bloom (and smelling delicious). They're also the reason there's a jog in the fence!

When I left for a trip to CA, I'd told Matt (the floor guy) I wanted to go w/ the dark stain. Dad called up saying "hold the presses! You should really see how it looks looks so open & I'm worried it's going to look like a cave w/ the dark." I'd been hemming, after hearing that the dark floors are a bitch to keep clean. (I mean seriously, I'd love to say I'm one of those people who swiffers the dog fur daily, but realistically, it's lucky if it happens weekly). So I ended up going with the lighter floors - just the natural color (second pic). I'm really happy with it.

I've painted the living room Ben Moore's Alexandria Beige w/ Lambskin colored ceiling.

Brad tetrised the bookshelves into "the library". I mean, seriously, it's like this room was designed for IKEA book shelf dimensions. The corner shelf overlaps the other by a bit less than an inch. Brad designed the bump-out for the upstairs plumbing so that it the shelf under it has one fewer extension unit than the rest of the shelves. I'm kind of wondering if I should paint the bump something closer to the shelf colors, though. (Sorry the pic is so bad, the room is small, so it's hard to find a good angle!)