we're back up to speed...

Here are the last couple "catch up" pictures after being incommunicado for a few weeks.

The living room has been painted (Wedgewood Grey). It really is nice to have the beautiful, clean surfaces that a fresh coat of paint provides. Can I tell you how much my shoulders are killing me from all this edge cutting, wall, and ceiling rolling? On the plus side, only the two bedrooms & bath upstairs have yet to be painted. I'm so totally rewarding myself with a professional massage when I'm done with this mother.
It might be hard to tell from the photos, but this color looks SO different in the living room compared to the MBR - downstairs faces North, so it's a darker, almost teal color. The same thing happens with the Montgomery White in the hallway & library; depending on the light it can go from a buttery cream to POW! Daisy Yellow! Just odd how those things work.

Brad put up the beadboard in the downstairs bathroom, after I painted the upper wall (Lambskin). The tile floor was laid today (just in thinset - no grout, yet). He also got a start on the tile surround for the bathtub. Both the tub & floor are going to have a very light grey grout, which he'll probably get on the floor tomorrow. This should set us up to get the cabinets in on Friday.

The other cool thing with the floor is that he put down the subfloor heating mesh, so the tile will stay toasty during the winter (a very nice luxury during our cold Michigan winters!). I'm excited to see how the tub turns out. I found a really pretty chair rail tile to go under the window. Just below that will be a thin green glass tile for an accent. It's very close to the green "depression glass" knobs/handles I got for the cabinets that are going in this room.

You know how sometimes your biggest strength is also your greatest weakness? This project has been so fun because, in the end, everything is the way I want it (or imagine it). At the same time, there's nobody who really says "That is an awful idea. Did you think about how bad that's going to be?" I mean, I have a safety net from family & Brad input. But they're not in on every decision & some things I'm just winging as I go along.

The separate elements are coming together now & I'm really excited to see how it turns out. While the floors are done, they're covered with protective paper & cardboard. So it will be like unwrapping a package when everything else is done...only then will I see it all together!

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