Decisions, decisions!

While I was barred from entering the house (asbestos & mold abatement), I tried to get some of the design decisions straightened out. First I headed over to the tile store, along with Home Depot & Lowes. I'm set on both of the bathroom tile combinations, but still undecided on the kitchen backsplash.
I also headed down to IKEA near Detroit to check out their kitchen cabinets & pick up the bookshelves for "the library". I really like the quality & options they have. Pretty awesome for the price!
Opinions wanted, please!
1) Pebble stone backsplash, or glass subway tile?
(Bottom left or bottom middle pic) This would be going with one of the white cabinets and a darker stained butcher block countertop.
2) IKEA cabinets; trying to decide between 1 of 3 white cabinets at IKEA (middle pic). The left and right ones are plain glass, the middle is textured (as seen in the left, center row pic)
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Anchor Bay Tile said...

Depending on if you want a modern and contemporary look to your home or not I like the Glass Subway Tiles for a backsplash much more than the Pebbles. The Pebbles are great for a floor application - think how nice in a shower - but they might get "overwhelming" over time as a backsplash material.

Wendy said...

Agreed. Definitely subway tile for the kitchen backsplash, and I like the center textured glass cabinet. =) I'm opinionated like that.. heh.

If you were going to do a stone tile, the pebble stone would make a nice accent strip, but I agree that it would be a bit overwhelming for the entire backsplash.