Day 13: Back into it

Wednesday we were allowed back into the house again & Brad started into the library, removing some of the old plaster and working on the rough plumbing for the bath.
Abby has been hanging out at the house during the day. She's still not used to the place especially with all the construction noises and things going on, but I think she likes the view out the front door.

On Wednesday the wood floor guy checked out the floors to see what we could do. They've been sanded before & there's not much thickness left. We should be OK with doing a lighter sanding, then staining. Going forward, we'll have to make sure the varnish is kept up, since the floor probably couldn't go through another round of refinishing.

Today after work I took down the acoustic tile in the entry hallway ceiling.

Pic 1: Abby "A hall with a view"
Pic 2: Hallway ceiling after taking the tiles down
Pic 3: My sweet Lowes deal (a $250 pedestal sink and $140-ish? faucet for $135...I'm a happy girl)

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