Days 6-11: Asbestos & Mold Abatement

So here's what asbestos & mold abatement bought...
The guys came in on Thursday of last week & started into the kitchen and bath. The kitchen had old asbestos tile, the bath had some nasty mold under the layers of wall board and flooring. Both ended up being a bigger job than expected, but George & his guys at Mold Matters did an awesome job. They were there through this Tuesday, taking the bathroom down to the studs to make sure we got all the nastiness.
These areas that hadn't been opened up in a while are lacking in insulation, so it will be nice to do it right & put up fresh drywall before doing the rest of the bath.
Taking the walls down that far exposes some funny things. In the top pic you'll see a couple boards attached to the wall that go nowhere & appear to serve no purpose. There's also a nice window header with no support on one side. (Also, check out my sweet Lowe's deal: a display sink they'd just taken down: a $250 pedestal sink w/ nice faucet ($140-ish?) for $135.)
It was also fun to see that the bathroom sink has been in at least 2 other spots over the years. When looking at finished walls, I feel like they're sacrosanct and that I'm somehow messing with the history of the house to change or move them. But somebody moved the sink, somebody took out a window on the west wall, and at one point there had been a door to the library (2nd pic), which doesn't exist currently.
So I don't feel so badly about shortening the windows in the kitchen to make it more functional. (c:
Speaking of the kitchen, that looks pretty different without the floor and cabinets.
Again, there are at least 3 other locations where the sink has been. And with the move I'll be making to under the window, this will be the 4th!

Pic 1: Looking into the downstairs bathroom (Tub is normally under the window. It is currently residing in the living room)
Pic 2: Standing in the Library, looking through the old doorway to the bathroom that's framed out for a medicine cabinet. Abby looking emo.
Pic 3: Abated asbestos floor in kitchen.
Pic 4: Kitchen w/ no cabinets & a naked floor

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