Days 18-21: Pulling down more plaster

The electrician is supposed to be here today, and in the middle of next week we're expecting the drywallers. So I'm working madly on pulling down the remaining walls we planned to do before the drywallers get here.
In the entry hallway you can see the plaster on most of the walls and a section of the old '70s paneling (since painted) on the right. Next up in this room is pulling down the plaster. The section under the stairs was really soft, so I'll hope the rest is as easy to pull down.
I've also gotten a bit more down in the living room.

Dad brought the trailer over, so I was able to take out all the plaster that was sitting in piles throughout the main level.

Brad got the kitchen windows in & they look really good! Shortening them will allow me to run a kitchen counter along much of that exterior wall. The kitchen was really short of both storage and counter space, so I think this will really help.
I also got the flooring for the kitchen ordered. I ended up going with the Allure cork-ish flooring from Home Depot. It's a vinyl plank floor - not unlike Pergo. It was the best option, since it was much less expensive (and softer to stand on) than tile, more durable than cork and wood, and thinner than all of the above (an issue with the match-up with the dining room).

Pic1: Front entry
Pic2: Dining room plaster - still working on it!
Pic3: Kitchen windows before
Pic4: Kitchen windows now - not quite to "after"!

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