Day 22: Fun at IKEA

Fraud services from my credit card called while I was at IKEA. Going from not using it in a year or so, to making a run to Home Depot & then a much pricier purchase at IKEA they were concerned. Isn't that sweet?

I did the run on Saturday morning, arriving a bit before they opened. I was really lucky with the timing of my remodel and hit one of their semi-annual kitchen sales. I ended up cancelling the micro-hood I'd ordered from Sears because the extra 5% off with buying the microwave/hood vent AND dishwasher from IKEA made the dishwasher essentially free. Free is good! Though not cheap, the whole shebang from IKEA (cabinets, countertops & fire clay sink, microhood & dishwasher came in a smidge over $3K. Not too shabby.

The girl I worked with in their kitchen department was really good and I was pleasantly surprised with how fast they were able to pull my order together. I'd heard it could take several hours, but they were done in less than one. (Far before I was done doing other shopping!) I also lucked out that every.single.thing. on my list was in stock: another area I'd heard could be a trouble spot. It took me about an hour to check through all the carts to make sure everything was there before the guys loaded a good chunk of it into my car.

I probably over-stuffed my car, but I was able to get more than half the kitchen in the Waggin' Vagon. Dad is picking up the rest this week while he's on a business trip to Detroit. to put it all together!

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