Day 17: Making more messes

You know, it will be really nice when I stop pulling things down and can start putting them back together! I think Brad just shakes his head now at the messes I make over the weekend. We agreed that the living room walls were in rough shape, so we'll add that to the drywall list. This means the plaster currently on the walls needs to come down. Unskilled labor should do this kind of thing. That would be me.

So today I worked on pulling down the plaster. Some sections came down really easily - like they were just hanging out waiting for the wallpaper to come down. Others were a total PITA, completely stuck to the wall. Those sections required a lot of crowbar & hammer work. That part sucks.

But I finished the East wall and a good chunk of the north wall (this is helped by the fact that 50% of the north wall is the archway to the living room, so there wasn't all that much to do. Hopefully I can finsh doing the rest of it after work this week.
It's probably weird, but I think the lathe is really cool looking - I like the texture from across the room & up close it's cool to see the guts of the house. Like if I were into modern, I'd probably just put fiberglass sheating over the wall so you could still see the lathe...and then throw around words like postmodern, deconstruction, and "stimulating unpredictability"... But I'm not. So I'll cover it with drywall.

Brad got one of the windows in the kitchen changed out; I'll show pics when they're both done.

The only other interesting thing going on is that Jeff the electrician is supposed to start soon - hopefully tomorrow. Did I mention that my house the original, state of the art 1911 wiring? This knob & tube stuff would still be relatively safe, except that the insulators & casings become brittle over time & are favored by rodents, so it's generally seen as a fire hazard now. (It also lacks a grounding wire)
Since there's still live current running to at least part of the house through these wires, Jeff will be pulling & rewiring those sections. He'll also add electric in a couple spots for the remodel, including to kitchen cabinet lights & that sort of thing.

Pic 1: East wall - on the left is the front hallway, to the right is the kitchen. Through the window is the eat-in banquette.
Pic 2: North wall (stripped) & west window in the dining room
Pic 3: My stone foundation & light coming through the kitchen subfloor
Pic 4: Electricity by Edison

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