Day 23-24: Wave of Mutiliation

Guess what I did yesterday and today? If you guessed "pull down plaster" you get a gold star!
Here's why I wear a respirator. Some of the stuff falling out of the walls is nasty.

You know that part of human nature where the thing you tell yourself NOT to think about is the only thing you can think about?
That's what happened today as I'm ripping down lathe & getting rained on with crap. "Hmmm...wonder what's in these walls." Mice, mouse droppings, bugs, bug droppings. Just try to not think about it. It's the grey/black clumps of hair that creep me out the most - I'm just hoping its the horse hair binder they used in the plaster and not something else. bleh.

These wall pics are from Sunday night. I finished pulling down lathe in the dining room exterior wall. The other walls will just have drywall over the lathe.
A bit of Sunday & all of today were devoted to the front hallway. The pic, taken Sunday, shows the plaster down in a section. I actually have this corner down to the studs with what I did after work. I left around quarter of 9 & it was too dark to take a good pic.

I'm about ready for another trip to the dump.
Pic 1: 1 day's breathing in left mask vs. new one.
Pic 2: Living room down to the studs
Pic 3: Starting the plaster/lathe removal in the hallway.
Pic 4: Trailer 'o junk

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