Days 25-27: We've got windows!

So I already covered last weekend when I ran down to Detroit to get the first half of my IKEA cabinets. The people there were really cool and let me leave the other half to be picked up Tuesday when Dad would be down there. My awesome Dad, exhibiting his mad Tetris-skill packing abilities got the rest of it into the Jeep when he was down there. The first two pics are of that mess (which includes a bunch of cabinets, a dishwasher & a microwave). The things my Dad won't do for his girls! (c:

Poor Brad was sick for the first couple days this week, but came back like a champ Wednesday and got the rest of the bathroom plumbing and both the library & bath windows installed yesterday & today.
I meant to go to knitting group on Tuesday evening, but had forgotten my knitting, so that ended up being a night to catch up on laundry & other stuff.

Wednesday I made a run up to the Lowe's in Gaylord to get the extra-long skinny window for the library. It's about 6" shorter than what was there previously, but it will look good. Standing outside, we could tell the current window was in at an angle (like many of the things in this old house). We joked that maybe it was just level with the floor inside...sometimes it's hard to tell what you should make things level with in an old place.

The bathroom window was originally a slider; after all the mold issues in the bathroom I wanted something that wouldn't trap water like the grooves on the slider would.
My original thought was to find an awning style window, but ran into two issues - they were much more expensive and the lead time would have them arriving far after I'd moved into the house.
We ended up getting a solid piece of low-e, Argon filled glass & Brad built a box with an inverted "v" at the bottom so the water will get channeled away from the glass on both the interior & exterior. The box for the glass is made from some sort of vinyl stuff so it won't rot like the old window did.

What I've learned this week: You can shake the new iPods to get it to shuffle to the next song. With the iPod in your pocket, you can get the iPod to shuffle by dancing (badly). This method of advancing the track is superior to setting down tools & removing gloves to hit fast-forward.

Pics 1 & 2: Dad's packing job.
Pic 3: Bathroom window & framing for shower/tub faucets
Pic 4: Newly installed bathroom window.

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