Day 14: More shopping

Friday I ran back out to HD & Tile Mart to figure out the kitchen floor. The original idea was to get some sort of laminate wood floor, but after looking at the wood floor in the dining room that butts right up to the kitchen, I thought that might look cheesy.

The second thought was to install cork. However several people have told me that doesn't hold up well in a high traffic area. Kitchens are, by nature, high traffic and mine is especially so since it's also the thoroughfare to the back yard and garage. So cork seemed like not such a good idea.
I really like the look of slate (second picture), but it sounds like it can be a pain from the maintenance/sealing/stain resistance standpoint. Tile Mart has a really nice porcelain ceramic looking tile that I think might be a good solution, but I'm a little concerned about the expense once adding in installation costs.The other option would be cork laminate/vinyl look or black and white vinyl tiles, which would also give the look I'm going for with the 1910's Victorian cottage feel.

I think I'm pretty set on the kitchen layout, but any suggestions would be welcome! On the exterior wall, I'm able to keep both windows, just shortening the length (they currently stop about 1.5 ft above the floor). In between the 2 windows will be a 3-door glass cabinet. Under the South (right side) window will be a big double bowl apron sink. There isn't much space to the right of the window, but I was able to fit 12" deep cabinets on the top & bottom.
You can't see the other wall layout all that well, but essentially, the first hole is for the range, with a microwave-hood above it. The hole closer to the corner is where the fridge will go.
In addition to the shopping on Friday, I blew some cash on Saturday buying appliances at Sears.
Pic1: Porcelain tile (on closeout price!)
Pic2: Home Depot slate
Pic 3: Kitchen layout

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