So many updates!

Geez, you'd think I'd be better about posting more frequently, but I'm not!

Just a few updates of things I've been doing recently...
I grabbed one of the motifs from the Beatrix Potter sampler and made a cover for a journal using Loreta's awesome notebook tutorial. I gave this to my Mom for Mother's Day (she loves pink!).

I've also been working on Primitive Needle's ABC Hornbook. I'm using the recommended 40ct "Earthen" linen from PTP and gob and gobs of Week's threads. Really, I don't know why I don't use threads from my stash that are close to the colors they call for. I just feel compelled to use what they call for, even when my wallet doesn't like it!

Lastly, I'm still plugging away on the Beatrix Potter sampler that I'm doing with the SAL group. This month I've made a lot more progress and I think I'm a little less than half done, so I should be on track to finish it this year!

I noticed two things on the software that came with my webcam: one was a motion detection program, which may finally answer the question "What does Abby the dog do when I'm not home?", and second was a time-lapse option. I tried it out while I was stitching on the ABC Hornbook. I think it would be cool to show the progress on a whole project, but in reality I think this will be the extent of my foray into time-lapsing my own stitching. (c:

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Coni said...

Helloooooo! Such lovely things! That notebook is so pretty...what a treasure to enjoy for years and years to come! Was it hard to do?

Kat said...

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Well done!

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