3 Pages Down!

I have 3 pages of Cirque des Cercles finished (plus some parts of the last 3 pages). So I just have the border circles on the bottom half to go! I have almost 2 full skeins of thread, so I'm hoping that will be enough. If not, it will be a dye lot crap shoot since my LNS is out of this color (Waterlilies "Monsoon").
In other stitching news, I got my e-copy of the Beatrix Potter Ackworth School sampler to work on with the SAL group, come January. Not sure what colors I'll use, but after all the blues, aquas in CDC, you can bet it won't be in the blue family!
Drew & I hung out at home for a few days last week while he recuperated from foot surgery. I pictured stitching the time away, but we rented Fallout 3 & I have to say, I'm kind of addicted to that game; Drew & I have been taking turns with it all weekend & it's a very intense game (creepy to play at night!). It's set in the post-nuclear wasteland of Washington DC a few hundred years after a war. You're trying to find your father after leaving your bomb shelter & run into all kinds of creepies along the way (mutants, ghouls, irradiated scorpions, etc.). If you're near water, these crab men "Mucklurks" come after you. A couple came out while Drew was playing and he yelled "Aaah! The crab cakes are chasing me!" and, after blowing them away, "I don't like it when food chases me. You should be crab rangoon."
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