Flow of Circles

Have you ever heard of that term "flow"? In a management class at grad school, they talked about this mythical "flow" where you become completely engaged in something and time just melts away...they described it as this thing that if you found it in your work, you'd never really WORK again because that feeling is so profoundly rewarding in & of itself. Most often people describe this in relation to religion, music, gaming or coding...I get it sometimes at work when working on stat models or pulling complex data.

Saturday night I was flowing with Cirque - I wanted to finish the middle circles & the border along the top - I sat down seriously with it around 9:30 & was completely flabbergasted when I got up to go to bed and realized it was 3:15am. The next day (for the first time in quite a while) I slept in until noon!

This weekend Drew & I went over to Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake, IL where I got to buy some stash! (Highly recommended store if you're ever in the area - and Benedict's around the corner is a yummy place to grab lunch) I restrained myself from buying any new charts, but I got lots of pretty fibers & embellishments for things I'm working on. They only had one more skein of the Waterlilies (Monsoon) I'm using for Cirque, so I'm a little concerned about having enough to finish with (at least using the same dye lot). I have 2 full skeins + what's on the little thread winder in the photo above. Do you think that will be enough to finish with? Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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Tracy said...

I think some people also call it "finding your bliss". That's how I feel when stitching, I wish stitching could be a real wage earning job but until it does I will be finding my bliss stitching while hubby earns a living.

Susan said...

Great blog! Love your CDC wip, the color is beautiful.

Debbie said...

I just looked at a link to your blog regarding your Access database. I was using LNS Software, but as my computer has vista and office 2007, it will no longer work. I am interested in yours. Do you sell it? let me know.