A Spring Mood...

After having my first finish of the year with Splendor IX, I thought about going back to Cirque des Cercles or my "Gentle St. Nick" stocking, but I felt like starting something new.

I decided to do Brightneedle's "Welcome" and love the soft colors on the higer count linen. I've actually gotten alot done on this since the picture, while being home sick with the flu. It's nice to work on a smaller project!

After starting this, I ran across Juls' progress picture of her Cirque. I love the colors she chose & am hoping mine turn out as nicely (I'm doing blues/aqua in Caron's Waterlilies "Monsoon").


Juls said...

Wow!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and the wonderful comment. I'm actually using The Thread Gatherer silk 'n colors on my Cirque in Desert Sunset.....just one color but am really pleased with the varigation!!!! Again thanks for stopping by!!!