Friday Feast # 179

Appetizer Name one thing that is unique about you.
I don't know if it's truly unique, but my Mom taught me how to read when I was 2.5 - I read storybooks to the class when I started kindergarten. (c: I still love reading - Thanks Mom!

Soup Fill in the blank: My favorite _________ is __________ but I like _________ too.
My favorite time of year is spring, but I like fall too.

Salad What type of wood do you have for your home’s furnishings?
The nice stuff is mostly maple or cherry...the rest is whatever compressed fiberboard IKEA uses!

Main Course Who do you talk to most often on the phone?
Definitely Drew.

Dessert What level of responsibility do you have in your job?
I don't manage others, but I am responsible for most of the secondary data analysis of a multimillion dollar product.


Jennifer said...

Good to know the iTunes thing is working out for you - it really does make life so much easier. And I can't wait to see your playlist!