Days 51-52: Filling wood floors & more painting

On Saturday Matt (Peckham Floors) brought over the epoxy I'm using to fill the cracks in the wood floor he's going to be refinishing next week.

The wood floors, which we believe to be original to the house (and thus, about 100 yrs old) are pretty thin from previous sandings, and show some cracks and chips, in addition to some significant gaps between the boards.

Filling these with epoxy will make a solid surface, in addition to stabilizing the old boards.

There was a combination of plaster and drywall dust embedded in these cracks that had to be cleaned out before filling it with epoxy. The shop vac didn't do the trick, neither did two types of shop brushes. Some metal brushes I'd originally bought for stripping paint off the moldings did the best job of getting crud out of the cracks.

So I literally went over the floors with a fine toothed (metal) comb and brushed out the crud, vacuumed it up, and marked the spot with blue painter's tape.

The next step was filling each crack with epoxy. It came in a caulk-gun type format - though much more expensive per tube than caulk!! I cleaned everything out on Saturday & finished the epoxy on Sunday.

The first choice color for the hallway & library looked like watered down Mountain Dew (BM's Rainforest Dew), so Mom helped me run through some other color choices & I selected Montgomery White. It looks creamy in the hallway, but more yellow in the back library. I cut in and did the first coat in the library today; it went pretty quickly since I didn't have to paint the one wall that will be covered by bookshelves.

Pic 1: cleaned & marked cracks.
Pic 2: me at work
Pic 3: filled cracks
Pic 4: freshly painted library

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