My new adventure

And the reason I won't be getting much, if any, stitching or knitting done in the next couple months:
I bought a house in TC. It's really cute, and I'm in love with it...with a few exceptions (You're perfect, now change!) The layout is great and I fell in love the tall ceilings and the way the rooms on the main floor open into each other. The previous owners made some nicer, expensive, but non-cosmetic improvements like a new roof, water heater, and replacing some of the old windows.
So I get the fun of doing the insides in a way that, hopefully, stays true to the house while still making it look nice. The house was built in 1911, making this it's 99th birthday. It'll have to get a Smucker's shout-out from Willard Scott.
The realtor spec sheet says it's a Victorian, but other than a little gable trim on the outside, it doesn't look much like one. It could be that when they put on the aluminum siding that something got lost, or just the way it's always been. In my research on Victorian houses, there are some non-gingerbread-y, not so over the top sorts, which mine is probably like. So I'm thinking of simple American decor, nothing too over the top Victorian, and nothing too modern.
I closed on the house Friday, and yesterday Dad & I took some tools over so I could get going.
From here on out, I'll be showing a bits of what I'm doing and learning along the way!

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