Progress on BP

I'm having so much fun working on this project! I didn't get started until Jan 2, but I sat down with BP & the movie "Miss Potter", which was kind of cute (Rene Zellweger & Ewan McGregor). Beatrix comes off as a bit of a kook in the movie, which was really different from the impression I got from her biography. She was an advanced amateur naturalist, making many watercolors of rare mushrooms & even posited a theory of lichens & fungi that turned out to be true years later.

So back to the stitching (c: ...I chose a 36ct Creme Brulee linen from R&R with WDW Lancaster Red. I think I'll use GAST "Nutmeg" for the accent (all the colors have a bit more of a yellow tone than the picture does).

I started with 2 threads over 2, but it was too chunky looking, so I frogged it & went with 1 thread over 2. I've asked over at the HP SAL ( whether people are using their own initials, or those in the chart. I'm still noodling it over, but I'm leaning toward using those of our family.

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Margie said...

beautiful progress on this one and the linen and thread colors look great. BP has been in my stash for over a year now - one of these I might even get her started. :-)

Laura said...

It is beautiful! I love the Lancaster Red. My daughter and I also read a biography of Beatrix Potter a couple of years ago, and she was a fascinating lady.