Holiday decorations & some stitching...

Within the past 2 weeks, Chicagoland has decided "It's WINTER!" and we're doing our best to keep up! I slapped some pretty bows on a couple wreaths to put on our front door - here's Abby modeling them. The model is thinking "Yeah, I'm really cute. Now put down the darn camera & let me in! It's COLD out here!"

We picked out our Christmas tree, and got it decorated. Note to self: check size of base before buying a 10' tall tree. We came out to a fallen down tree & some broken ornaments after putting this monster up. Drew wired it to the wall so we won't have a repeat. Could I also say how pleasantly surprised we've been with the price and quality of trees at Home Depot?

On to the stitching!

These Blackbird Designs projects are so fun to work on - I can't believe the first part of the Mystery Sampler is already complete! Drew & I both love how this one is turning out. I think I'll get back to Cirque and some ornies before starting on part 2.
In other (non)news, I've been meaning to mention a movie that I really liked - "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not". It's more fun to know less going into it, so I won't say much about it other than that it's a love story from his & her viewpoints. If you like a great story with a twist & don't mind foreign films (Ex DH: "You mean I have to READ it?" he he) then this is an interesting one.
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Meari said...

What a great tree!