Winner of the floss toss: Willow Green

About a year ago, I bought some pretty yellow-ish Graziano linen to do Mirabilia's Adia on. Taking it out over a year later, I don't know what I was thinking! The yellows in her dress totally compete with the other linen. I used my super-nerdy stitching database and found a couple other pieces of fabric in my stash that would fit - I settled on the Willow green linen which seems to pick up the greens nicely and complements the yellows. The photo looks more beige, and it's more sage green in person. I haven't put a stitch in it yet, but I've pulled my colors. I'll need to get some more Kreiniks & I only bought about half the treasures for this before (those suckers are expensive!)

Anyway, something to look forward to for tomorrow!
My thumbs are sore from playing Lego Indiana Jones. Stitching should be a good break (c:

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