A QUICK Finish!

Bent Creek - All In A Row
DMC on Putty Belfast

Well this felt good! I started a project on Friday & finished it on Sunday. That hasn't happened at all recently - I even have a couple of ornaments that I started for LAST Christmas.

On Friday I wanted to start something new & showed Drew a couple of things I was thinking of. Then I remembered the Bent Creek "All in a Row" pattern I bought last year. Drew saw this in the stitching store - he's in love with fonts and we think this will look really cool on our big bookshelf. I did this over 1 on 32 ct. Putty fabric. I couldn't believe how quickly it went!

We had a good mix of productive and lazy this weekend - cleaned the house & made some really good meals for the week. (Including my favorite "Reindeer Soup"- includes no reindeer - but chicken, wild rice and mushrooms in a creamy chicken broth. Yum!). Our lazing about mostly included me stitching and both of us playing Lego Indiana Jones. The developers have a great sense of humor, with lots of inside jokes and puzzles you have to solve to move through the game.

This is Abby the Dog surveying the driveway from her lookout post. Yes, she's quite the lady with her paws crossed. (c: