Weekend pics

This weekend I got a lot done around the house. Procrastination didn't get the better of me (as it usually does) and I had the house cleaned on Friday evening. It's really nice to be able to relax in a clean house for the weekend!
The frogs attacked my Cirque project (grrr!), which required a good chunk of work to be pulled out. So sad to pull out so much pretty silk thread and it sure didn't help my lack of thread situation much!
I have a couple of pictures to share. The first was from Friday night when I let Abby the Dog out to do her evening round of the yard. Half an hour later I went to check on her, and she was chillin' on the plastic chair. When I first saw her, she was curled up with her head on the armrest, by the time I got the camera she was posing. (c: Abby is 7 and a half - she's starting to get quite a bit of grey around her muzzle.

I'm really enjoying our new place and love my stitching spot. I can look out the window or watch TV. Abby really likes her bed next to the window. (you can see a bit of her on the left). The last picture is where I am currently on Cirque. I've finished pages 1 & 2 and parts of 3, 4, and 5.

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Lisa said...

Love your cirque - I haven't touched mine since the frogs hit. ;)

Jennifer said...

I feel the same way about cleaning the house on Friday so I have a nice clean house for the weekend. Unfortunately, DH is not as, let's say, diligent, as I am about keeping it that way. GRRRR!!!

And I absolutely love your wall of bookshelves. It's something I'd love to do in our living room.