How much do you REALLY love crafting?

This afternoon Drew sent me a link to this huge tattoo on an obviously dedicated crafter. The shading and detail on it is amazing! While I love me some craftin', I wouldn't want to display it on the entirety of my chest. (Besides, my cups runneth over, I don't need any more attention there!)
I've always been sort of under-the-radar unconventional and probably not the type to get a tattoo. But seeing this out-there display of crafting enthusiasm made me wonder what I would, if ever, permanently ink on my person. The first thing that popped to mind was the super-cool logo for Handmade Arcade. Obviously I love crafting and this is general enough that it could cover just about any area needlework or crafting I got into.

If it weren't propreitary, I'd so put this all over my blog and anywhere else that needed a picture or icon- I think it's so great; cute, crafty and a little edgy. Since I have no ink plans, I'll just have to wait for them to sell t-shirts!
What do you love so much that you'd display it on your skin? If you have a tattoo, how did you choose it?


Courtney said...

I have a few tattoos...but after looking through the "sewing tattoo" FLICKR pool, I think I need one with a floss bobbin!!

Jennifer said...

If it were not for my tremendous fear of needles and low threshold of pain, I would be the proud bearer of a Dallas Cowboys star tattoo. Yes, I love my Cowboys that much. :-)