Broken record brain

Many moons ago, in college at Michigan State, my super-cool roommate Anne and I shared an oh-so lovely dorm room in Holmes Hall.
I bought a fish tank in freshman year because I missed having a pet. Fish don't make great pets, but they were fun to watch. Anyway, said fish tank had a filter that would draw the water up, filter it, then send it back into the tank in a little waterfall. It had a pretty sound - like a really low end water feature. This white noise blended into the background of all the other dorm noises. One night, Anne mentioned that one of her friends had come into the room and pointed out how loud the water noise was, and gosh, how do you sleep with that at night? Although we never noticed it before, this became annoying once pointed out. Every night I'd fill the tank to the brim so that the once pleasant water bubbling was muted so as to not annoy the hell out of us every night.

So I'm stitching along on this pretty little French style heart - "You and me" - tres cute! Drew glanced at the chart over my shoulder and couldn't read what it said...
"Does that say 'toilet'?"
"No, it's 'Toi et Moi'"
"Oh, sorry, it looked like it was missing an "L" there"

Now all I can see is "toilet moi". Le sigh.

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