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So I finished Santa the other day...what to do next? I think I'll wrap up a couple WIPs before starting something new (famous last words).

Tonight I pulled CDC back out after not stitching on it for quite a while. Man, do I love stitching with silks. I don't know what I did when calculating the number of skeins, but somewhere I was off. Based on the number of skeins of DMC the design called for, and the number of strands in the Caron silks, I thought I had bought enough and I'm pretty sure I was off by a long shot! I've gone through almost 2 skeins in the page and a half I've done and I have about 3-4 skeins left. Hopefully they still have this same dye lot at the store!

Didn't get home from work until 7:30, and still had some work to wrap up, so I only got about an hour of stitching done. Right now I'm working on the circle that's in the lower right of the picture. Can't wait to get more done tomorrow!

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Valerie said...

I hope the store has the right dye lot! You have chosen a beautiful color to stitch CDC in.