SBQ for w/o July 3rd

Today's SBQ is:Do you consider yourself a "floss miser?"

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I guess it depends on whether you're looking at results, or motivation. If you look at my snippets or orts, you'd think I'm the cheapest, most miserly stitcher! Sometimes, in order to finish a last couple stitches I need with a particular color, I'll first switch from a regular to a petite needle, then to the fiber hider to weave an end when the needle is too long! Some of the snippets don't end up any longer than the width of my fingernail.

However, the motivation isn't that I can't stand wasting the thread, it's that I'd rather not have to thread a whole new needle, making a new start and finish, just to do a couple stitches. So I think my inherent laziness is to blame for my apparent miserliness.

I do tend to be more thoughtful about the use of specialty threads - especially expensive silks - but I'll toss a DMC skein if the color seems off. I'll trash imitation DMC from a kit with no hesitation (bad experience with bleeding floss on one of my first projects).