The New Project

I started this project on July 31 - It's a "Father Winter" kit from Janlynn. I've swapped out the Aida that came with the kit for some 28ct. Jobelan in Lambswool. Even though a lot of colors are really close to the fabric color, most of them are in his coat, which has a pretty good border around it, so I think it will blend well, but still have a good contrast.

I'm making this for my boyfriend Drew, so we'll see if it's done for Christmas 2006, or if it will be 2007. It may be one of those things where the stitching is done, but not the finishing work!

The picture below shows my progress after about a week of work. You can start to see the shading of his face emerge and the outlines of his body. I'll have to get another scan soon because I've gotten a lot more done!
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