Step 1: Office becomes Laundry

First, we needed to move the laundry room. After moving the bookshelves out to the living room, Brad ran heat ducts to the upstairs bedrooms that were lacking them and put in a laundry chute that drops from the master bedroom into a cabinet next to the dryer.

We replaced the window with a shorter one that could accommodate the height of the counter, and added a doggie door so the pooches can get out during the day. A new washer and dryer were installed under a countertop that runs the full length of the room. Opposite the counter are wardrobe cabinets from IKEA, which replace the storage space in the back room closet.

I repainted the room with the light blue/grey from the kitchen.

There's also a new sink, large enough to accommodate Abby for a bath. The office light fixture was a bit too serious for the space and was replaced by one originally purchased for the downstairs bathroom. So now I can do glam laundry!


Sue Achenbach said...

So Glam!