New member of the furmily

Mom & I left TC for Goshen, IL at 6 am to pick up Evey (Née Lady). Within 5 minutes of being in the car this is what she looked like:

She's a puddle of love - wherever there's a warm lap, that's where she is.

On the car ride home, Mom & I talked about how sweet she was and how adorable...I also found that in 9 years of having a black dog, I've chosen things that hide dark fur really well. Those same things are exceedingly good at showing white hair really well. (Like the black interior of my car, he he)

We also decided on good colors for redheads - so I'll likely be knitting an apple green sweater for Evey to go with the one I just finished for Abby. Evey has the most beautiful amber mixed in with the white - she's just the color of some of the fall leaves coming down right now.

When we got home, Mom walked Evey down the way & I went in the house to get Abby. They met up in one of the grassy areas and sniffed each other, then I walked the two of them together back to the house. This is supposed to make Abby less territorial about a new dog coming straight into the house. They both seem pretty blase about the whole thing, though I'm still doing the Alpha-dog cues for Abby (food first, out the door first). They've been sharing the bed and couch just fine, so hopefully everything else will work itself out.

Since she wasn't responding to the name "Lady" and I wasn't so keen on it, we commenced with name choosing. Originally I was thinking Ilsa (like Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca), but that wasn't rolling off the tongue well, and she just didn't "look" like an Ilsa.

We bounced around some other names, including Ella and Gracie and I tried them all out for a day or so, and slept on it, before deciding that "Evey" won out. I liked the spelling used for Natalie Portman's character in "V for Vendetta".

Do you see the two dog beds below? Guess whose bed Evey is getting into? (c:

Today Evey came with me to work, and then to her vet appt just before lunch. The vet agreed that she ought to lose a bit of weight - about 6lbs. She had a bit of yeast in the ears that hadn't developed into a full-blown infection, so I have some drops for that. And her teeth are pretty bad, but that's just the way things go. She'll have a look at them again in a month or so & see how they're doing.

After her big checkup, she was happy to go back to the office & take an extended afternoon nap on the chair next to me.

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