Days 33-34: Insulating & stripping molding

Do you know what makes me a happy girl?
This is about the first time in a month that I haven't been pulling down plaster in my house.
Now I'm into a new past-time: stripping (probably lead) paint.

Yesterday Brad made my house all pretty and girly with new pink insulation in the walls. It's amazing what a noticeable difference this has made already. It's been cold at night here (in the 30's) and then warm during the day (50's) the past couple days. Normally the house temp is pretty much the same as outside, but today the inside was about 15-20 degrees cooler than outside when I visited at lunch. I'm hoping this will keep me toasty this winter & keep down my heating & cooling bills.

In the second pic, you'll see a new design element along the top of the living room wall: some holes for blown in insulation. Dad suggested, and Brad delivered, on putting some blown in insulation in the walls we aren't pulling down.

The drywallers also delivered their boards so they can get started bright & early tomorrow morning.

This evening I started in on stripping the moldings in the living room. I'm hoping to finish stripping them & start on sanding them in the next least before Matt, the wood floor guy (Peckham Wood floors FTW!) starts making the floors pretty. After he's sanded & varnished I won't want to point searing hot power tools anywhere near them, so now's my chance.
The rest of the moldings, which had to be removed in the process of taking off the plaster, are waiting in the garage to be stripped. I'm probably going to hold off on doing those until I've moved in.

This last photo shows my progress with the heat gun (about 2 hrs work). You can also see the new outlet Jeff put in for my TV and assorted peripherals. This is going to be a switched outlet so I can reduce the "vampire power" used by all those things sitting in standby mode. I'd like to say I'm green, but really I'm just cheap (and I've got the Dutch genealogy to prove it!)

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