Framed Verandas

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This finished piece (Barbara & Cheryl's "Verandas of Battery Row") hasn't had a frame since summer 2006! For Christmas, Drew picked out a really pretty cherry wood frame and double mat. I'm lucky to have a guy with such good taste!
I'm kind of anal about not letting other people mount my work because I've heard so many horror stories of adhesive boards and hot glue. I used to use stainless steel T-pins to attach the fabric to the acid free foam core. I looked around forever (both locally & online) & couldn't find any. Does anybody know where to get these? I ended up using some stainless steel silk pins which seemed to hold OK. I kind of missed the T-pins becasue they don't allow the pin head to slip through the fabric.
We hung it in the "dining room" area of our apartment (home to kitchen table & my piano). This pic is kind of dark - I'll have to take another when the table isn't covered with D's Legos!


Jennifer said...

Have you looked at these sites?

Also, check an office supply store.