Stash shopping

As much as I'm enjoying working on Marriage of the Minds, I'm looking forward to working on something new. I started MOTM last fall and I think this is the longest I've worked on one project, albeit inconsistently.

I was surfing some other stitcher's blogs and came across Cirque de Cercles, which I'm now thoroughly in love with. I then found the blog ( for stitchers working on it & was dazzled by the beautiful choices people have made in their colors. I think I'm going to have fun choosing fabbie & threads!

So while ordering that, I also decided to buy a Heart's Content piece that would look really cute in my "ooh-la-la French" bathroom (aka the chick bathroom). This is my first Heart's Content piece - not sure how challenging this much "over-one" will be. I did a lot of skin on Rose of Sharon in over-one, but never a whole piece. I'll have to see about the color of red that comes with the kit; I may make it a brighter red or otherwise change the color so it goes with the bathroom a little better.
They're going to have to order one of these charts, I hope it comes in quickly so I will have them soon!