My Stitching Nest

I'm always curious about where other people stitch & what things they like about their set-up. It seems most of us stitchers have a favorite chair or spot that the rest of the family knows is sacrosanct!
My spot is in our little family room, where I can sit with Drew (his desk is just a few feet away) and chat, listen to music, or watch TV.
The two "investments" I've made were for a Daylight lamp (on the left below) and a Lowery stand (you can see just a bit of it holding the scroll frame). The light is bright enough that I can see everything clearly, but doesn't fatigue my eyes or get too hot. I like that the bulb emits a blue cast vs. the Ott light's green hue.
I love the chart clip on the Daylight lamp - I use one of the magnetic boards, which gives it some structure and have a variety of magnets on which I can park needles or hold charts with. Since I'm enamored with Thread Heaven & use it a lot, I've taken to hot-gluing a magnet to the back of the case so I can stick that on my magnet board too. For most projects, I don't use the magnifying glass, but for small count, or intricate stitches I find it really helpful & I love how I can use the flexible arm to arrange it just how I want.
I'm in love with my Lowery stand. It's a metal stand made in England which is incredibly stable and holds almost any project. It's very adjustable - you can change the height, the depth it moves away from the base, and the angle of the work. The clamp closest to the work lets me flip it over easily - and it's only about a half turn of a knob to re-tighten it when I flip it over again. When I need to get up, there's a separate knob near the stem that lets the whole contraption holding the scroll frame swing out (kind of like an amusement park ride) so I can get out easily. The only restriction with the Lowery stand is the arm height of the chair - if it is too high, the arm ends up in a spot too close to comfortably work on. Although I've used this most with scroll frames, it's also worked with Q-Snaps quite well. There's another clamp created for Q-snaps, but I've never felt the need to purchase it.

What do you like about your stitching nest?
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